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7 Steps To Start Blogging In Nigeria & Make Money Online

I know most of us has heard of blogging, blogging stories and how it has changed the life of a lot of people in Nigeria. That’s why you should learn how to start blogging in Nigeria and make money online.

If you are among them that are looking for the easiest ways to start blogging in Nigeria, this article will be your finally destinations for your research.

Nowadays, starting blogging is a cheap process, you don’t need to break the bank to setup your blog website, with a free hosting plan and domain name, you have started blogging and start making money in Nigeria easily.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the act or process of writing a post in a blog. A blog originally came from the word “Weblog” or “Web log”, we can see blogging as a post that tends to share information and values from its content. It’s an online journal where writers pass out information based on their views, suggestions and perspectives.

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start blogging in nigeria

Unlike many innovations or companies on the internet, they all owns a blog website, where they share sales promotions, product marketing and couching. A blog can be used for marketing, online couching and also as a home service.

7 Steps To Start Blogging In Nigeria

1. Pick Your Niche:

First step before starting blogging is to pick up a blogging niche that people are interested to search for. If you are eager in starting blogging, just ask yourself “What should my blog be?” “What should I blog for?” “What’s my area of specialization?”.

All this questions are considered to be essential especially before you start other process. Now let me break down all this questions before we continue.

What Should My Blog Be: Is a very cool question, how do you want your blog to look like, for example if your blog is News blog website, it should have every features a News blogging website should contain. Here we are talking about the interface and look of your blog website, a News blog should not have the contents of a music blog website or movie blog website.

What Should I Blog For: Here you have to consider your audience, what they need and what they are interested in knowing. You have to pick a niche, are you interested in starting a News, Music, Movie, Education, Financial Adviser etc blog website this is what you should consider. CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST BLOGGING NICHE TO START WITH AND EARN MONEY FROM YOUR BLOGGING

What’s My Area Of Specialization: Before starting blogging, considering area of specialization is very important. What do I mean by area of specialization?, It has to do with your area of interest, expertise and full knowledge about what you are going into. To start blogging, always remember you are about to give value to people. Are you an expertise in rendering such value, how sure are you on the value you wants to pass ahead and how genuine is that value.

Before starting blogging, your niche is very important and selecting a profitable niche is also important. Don’t be a Jack Of All Trade, just focus on one thing, fall on a circle and don’t blog about anything that is not related to your niche. E.g If your blog is Music blog website, just focus on it, don’t leave it and start blogging on how to “Cook Egusi Soup” or how “Dangote slap a bike man”. Hope you understand?,. CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST BLOGGING NICHE TO START WITH AND EARN MONEY FROM YOUR BLOGGING.

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2. Choose A Name For Your Blog:

This is another step to consider before starting your blog business, choose a name that will flow with your blog contents, theme or topic. If your blog is a music blog or education blog, choose a blog name that is suitable.

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how to start blogging in Nigeria

3. Get A Domain Name And Web Hosting:

Getting a domain name and hosting is an important step in setting up your blog, like I said earlier that starting blogging is a cheap process nowadays, you don’t need to break the bank to get started. With a free hosting plan and domain name you can easily set up your blog website.

What is Domain Name: Domain Name is a unique name for your blog. Also know as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), your domain is your address on the web.

What is Web Hosting: Web Hosting is where your web contents and files are saved in order to be accessible to visitors on the internet. Without web hosting, your domain name won’t work and your contents won’t be accessible. In simple definition, web hosting is like a house, without the house there won’t be chairs, Tv, Tables and other properties. Hope you understand?, Click HERE For Free Hosting plan and Domain Name.

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4. Choose Your Blogging Platform:

Blogging platforms are like kitchen where you prepare meals, to set up your post or contents on the internet you need a blogging platform to help you archive this.

There are many blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are a few.

All have pros and cons, but WordPress is by far the most popular (we use WordPress for our blog), and for a good reason. It’s flexible, functional, and has a large community of users with free themes, plugins, and resources.

5. Create And Launch Your Blog:

After you have chosen your blogging platform, I suggest you choose WordPress. If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you must know how to install WordPress on your web hosting services.

6. Choose Your Theme:

The next step is to choose your theme, how do you want your blog to look like. Also remember to install the plugins

Select the appropriate theme that will be suitable for your blog.

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7. Write Your First Post And Publish:

Next massive step to write your first post and publish.

Here; You have to arrange, analyze, and construct your text, is very important to enable your audience understand your content easily and also remember to enable simple text, don’t use too many grammar.

Your first post should be an introduction to review the birth date of your blog.

Is very important to use your own word on every blog post, don’t use Ai to generate your content.

How To Make Money From Your Blog

Once you are done setting up your blog site, next step is to discuss on how to make money from your blog. Earning from your blog is totally easy but you have to focus on gaining decent audience of followers who are interested on your blog. Click HERE, Learn How To Make Money From Your Blog.

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From all my points listed above, I hope you can easily start blogging to earn online, blogging is one of the best things I love doing on the internet because I feel free to give details that will benefit a lot of people.

Always remember that blogging is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, it requires persistent, consistency and quality contents.

I hope this article really helped you to understand more about blogging and how to get started. I will like to know your suggestion or questions on the comment box below.

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