How To Create A VTU Website | Earn 10K Daily

Have you been thinking about the easiest method on how to create a VTU website to start making money online today in Nigeria and you don’t know how to go about it.

Don’t worry, this article will be your final bus stop and you will stand out of the crowd today with our best strategy. But this special update is how you can create your VTU website and start making money from it. Below are the outlines we are looking into.


  1. What is VTU Website
  2. How To Create A VTU Website
  3. How To Make Money From VTU Website
  4. Conclusion

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how to create a vtu website

1. What Is VTU Website: The word VTU simply mean Virtual Top Up, It offers the services of topping up Data bundles, Airtime and payment of Electricity Bill, Exam pin, Cable Tv Subscription, Recharge Card Printing and so much more. While VTU website is the platform where people purchase this services, I hope we all understand.

2. How To Create A VTU Website: Creating VTU website is very easy to set up, it doesn’t require much to set-up. Below is the necessary things required to set up your VTU website.

  1. Hosting And Domain
  2. VTU Script
  3. Payment And Service API

Watch This Tutorial Below For Easy Understanding And Set-up

1. Hosting And Domain: To get started in creating your VTU website, its important to choose a reliable hosting platform that offer both domain and hosting at cheap price. Watch The Tutorial Video Above To Learn More.

To get your Domain and Hosting at cheap price, I recommend > Afeeshost< register on it, search for your domain name whether it’s available, remember to use, it’s cheap. Tap below on the button to register now for your hosting and domain.

2. VTU Script: VTU Script is an already coded script, that will render every services. It is a VTU but it’s still in code. After purchasing your hosting and free domain, you will need the VTU script to set up your website. We have the VTU Script and it’s selling at 18k for the first 20 people that will message us now on WhatsApp for it. Price will increase to 30k – 50k soon. Tap Below To Message Us.

3. Payment And Service API: These are the Api that you will connect to your VTU website to start functioning. We have Payment API, This API helps for the collections of money from your VTU website users, its a payment gateway Api that provides virtual account numbers to your users. The popular used payment gateway is Monnify and Paystack. We also have Service API, these Api ensure the rendering of any VTU services which include Data bundles, Airtime, Electricity Bill, Etc. This API are essential to enable you set up your VTU website.

3. How To Make Money From VTU Website: VTU Website platform is one the lucrative business that anyone can do here in Nigeria and start making money, irrespective of your class. People will be coming over to your site to purchase Data bundles, Airtime or any other services at any time. You will buy cheap and resell at your price on your site, it’s very easy and simple and you can be making around 10k-20k daily from your site.

Making money from your VTU Site is very easy, once you connect your Api, you will be the one to determine how much you can resell to them. If you are buying 1GB at N200 and you resell to your site users at N230 x how many people that will purchase it a day, the higher they purchase, the more gain you make. Please do the Maths.


Our economy has turn up, please upgrade to be on the safe side, start up reputable something online today to start earning money, even when you are sleeping. This VTU website is the best update I can share with you at the moment. Look to it, I want to know your suggestion on the comment section below. Tap Below To Contact Us

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