how to start data reselling business in Nigeria

How To Start Data Reselling Business In Nigeria, Earn 10k Daily

I will teach you how to start data reselling business in Nigeria. Wondering how people start reselling data and how they make money from it.

Don’t worry i got you covered, keep reading this content to the end because at the end of it you will venture into Data Reselling Business and start making money here in Nigeria. But first of all let’s look deep into this outline

Outline On How To Start Data Reselling Business

  1. What is Data Reselling Business
  2. Get Start Reselling Data Bundles
  3. How Much Is Required To Start Data Reselling Business
  4. How To Make Money On Data Reselling Business
  5. Best Strategy To Help You Earn More On Data Reselling Business.
  6. Conclusion

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1. What is Data Reselling Business:

Data Reselling Business is a side hustle which can help you earn more from your other business. It has to do with you reselling Data bundles to customers, relatives or friends. Whereby you buy cheap and resell high.

While talking about Data Reselling Business, we need to mention VTU (Virtual Top Up), VTU is an umbrella that covers the sales of Data bundles, Airtime, Electricity bill payment, Exam pin purchase, Tv Cable Subscription, Recharge Card Printing, etc.

VTU services are cheap, you purchase at cheap rate and resell at your price, is that not a smart strategy to start reselling, a lot of people resells all the services starting from Data bundles, Airtime, Electricity bill to Recharging card printing and are making over 10k-20k weekly as profit. I can really tell you this, Data Reselling is one of the best lucrative that can earn you more daily.

2. Get Started Reselling Data Bundles:

Having mention above about VTU, the first step to consider when starting Data Reselling Business is to choose the best VTU Platform where you will purchase the Data cheap for as low as N218 – N260 per 1GB of data. The VTU platform is what will help you grow this lucrative business. Tap Below To Download This DeySub App or visit: DeySub website

Reason I love this VTU platform and why I’m recommending it to you is that it has every features needed to enable you earn.

Features Needed

  1. Offers Cheap Data Plan
  2. Its Automated (Funding your wallet is easy)
  3. Discount on Airtime, Electricity bill, Recharge carding printing, etc.
  4. Instant purchase of any Service
  5. Earn Referring Your Friends
how to start data reselling business in Nigeria

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3. How Much Is Required To Start Data Reselling Business:

Starting Data Reselling Business has the lowest budget for start-up, it doesn’t require you to start borrowing money, or to start withdrawing all your money from the bank. With as low as N500 – N1,000 you have started Data Reselling Business, the more sales you make, the more profit you earn to develop up. T

4. How To Make Money On Data Reselling Business:

You know the first step before starting up any business is to think deep on how to make money from it. Well I will try to break everything down for you, after you have downloaded and registered on the App I mentioned above, the next step is to fund your wallet, don’t worry your money is safe, once your wallet is funded, select any services to start reselling or you can resell every services starting from Data Bundles.

Here is the strategy: Buy Cheap, Sell High, you can purchase 1GB Data bundle for N218 (Depending the network) and resell at N300 – N350, if you sell Data bundle to over 50 people a day, wow! do the Math’s, you are printing a lot of money. Also when you include WAEC Pin Purchase, you can purchase at N3,200 and Resell at N4,000, including every other services. The best of it is that you can set up how much you will resell to your customers. Isn’t a lucrative business to choose as side hustle.

5. Best Strategy To Help You Earn More On Data Reselling Business:

The ability to start earning more on Data reselling business is to get more customers, yes! customers to resell to is the key point, but with my help I will provide a smart strategy (method) to enable you get customers. First of all let’s implement this strategies.

1. Family:

To grow and earn more reselling data bundles, I will advice you to start reselling to family first, you might wonder why? but this is the reason, your Brother, Sister, Aunty, Uncle or relatives are using smartphones and their smartphones are using Data to connect to the internet. Just meet them or call them on phone if possible, tell them about your services and how much you are selling your Data bundles, they will feel happy because they know how much they are buying from Service provider (MTN, Airtel, Glo, etc.) and they will feel free purchasing data bundles from you. So think about it.

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2. Friends:

Friends are really a great giant to help you build it, just meet your friends or you can call them on phone if possible, tell them about your recent launch and how much you are reselling, they will feel excited to purchase from you, and they will also help in referring their other friends to you and their other friends will also refer their other friends and the list continues. Just think about it, when you create a WhatsApp group and join them together. that’s a massive community to earn money from.

3. School/University:

This is another massive opportunity to enable you earn more reselling data bundles, If you are In Secondary school, University, College, and Polytechnic etc., I guess you understand what I mean.

Especially those in University, College, and polytechnic etc., this is a massive opportunity for you to earn by just reselling Data bundles to your Coursemates (Fellow students) in so many departments or even to lecturers. Yes! but how can i do that? here I falls in with my best strategy, you can create a simple flyer either colored or black and white in small sizes showing your Data bundle prices, go straight to hostels, church and lecture hall, share to everybody you meet, explain to them or even give them discount on their first purchase.

Or you print sticker post containing your data plan prices, paste them at lecture halls, church fences, lodge gates and fences, hostel doors and windows, electricity poles, busy areas around schools and many strategies which you can utilize.

4. Posters, Banners and Flyers:

This is a smart strategy because you are creating awareness to people about your services but it will cost you money which is fine, I guess this method is among one the best method to help you earn more by just reselling data bundle to them.

This method involves you creating Posters or Banners or Flyers which you can print and paste it at popular locations where people are likely to see the poster or banner. You can share the printed flyer to people around you that may be in need of your service. This method is also best for people living in school or living around school. If you spend money in printing those banners, I bet you in 1-2 weeks you will earn more from it.

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6. Conclusion:

Data Reselling business can be a side hustle, if you are doing POS business, you can include Data Reselling business to your hustle, If you are selling fruit, or if you are offering Phone charging business you can include Data Reselling business to your hustle, including every other business. Just print your banner or poster, paste it around to boost your customer. Tap on the Download button below to get the App Or visit: DeySub website .

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