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New Ways To Make Money Online In 2023/2024

Making money online has NEVER BEEN as HARD as it is NOW. Wondering the New Ways To Make Money Online this 2024.

Don’t worry, here are things that can give or even Quadruple your money today.

ways to make money online

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New Ways To Make Money Online

1. Real Airdrop Farming:

Just like they are many fishes in the sea, there are many scams on the crypto space but I’ve got you covered.

Here are legit airdrops you should be farming:

  1. Zetachain: Lunching Q2 2024
  2. Smartlayer: Lunching Q1 2024
  3. Openex: Lunching Q2 2024
  4. Bondex Origins: Lunching Q3 2024
  5. Gravity: Lunching Q2 2024
  6. Ice Network
  7. Arkana and so many more..

Start Mining ICE Network Today and get Instant #60 Ice coin. Click HERE To Register

ways to make money online 2024

2. Skill Learning:

This is so much underrated by Youths as many people in this present day generation as quite lazy to learn, forgetting that WITHOUT learning there’s no EARNING.

You can start learning through platforms like

  1. Allison
  2. Google Skillshop
  3. Coursera
  4. Codeacademy: Learn coding
  5. Udemy

These are my Top picks as they’re so much easy and once you’ve completed your course which is free, you’ll get job opportunities instantly.


Still can’t tell why many are scared of trading. The thing is just find a Good signal group if you don’t know how to trade and earn alongside with them. Or simply look for a good teacher, pay for class and get started, this is by far most profitable as it’s forever.

The knowledge acknowledge can help even quadruple your money and now the next Bitcoin halving is coming you know what to expect when is rises.

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4. App Development For Freelancing:

I know you will wonder why I mentioned App development for freelancing. Well App development is the act of making Apps for mobile phones and Freelancing is the process of rendering a service to client on the internet.

App development is smooth way to earn on the internet by creating Apps for people who are in need of it, and you get paid for any successful app made.

With tools available nowadays, you can build Apps even without coding.

You can only decide to focus on CONVERTING WEBSITES TO ANDROID/iOS APPS on freelancing platforms like:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork

Learn App Development for free on my YouTube Channel. Or Search LivyTecho on YouTube.

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ways to make money online in 2024

5. Content Creation:

What if I told you that just like you do get Likes on Facebook, Instagram or TikTik for posting videos or pictures and also Liking and Watching Challenges…

There’s a New social media platform know as REPUBLIk which has there native token as $RPK

And will reward you for liking 5 post’s a day

Getting likes on your posts and even following and voting winners in challenges.

More Likes you’ll be paid for every action taken on the App which is INSANE and best part is that is available on Android and iPhone.

Another alternatives is the LIMEWIRE website.

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ways to make money online in 2024


The listed methods are how you can make money online today, they are recent update which you can check out today and finds the one that will suit you effectively.

NOTE: I’m not a financial advisor, any issues encountered is not my concern and you will bear the risk. Any platform listed is not sponsored or advertised, please handle effectively at your risk.

I hope this article was helpful, if you have questions or suggestions, comment below on the comment section

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